Our Projects Manager Kerryn had the pleasure of facilitating the Passport 2 Employment (P2E) Program with the Swan Hill Specialist School on behalf of the MMLLEN in partnership with WDEA Works!


From left to right: Our Finance/Projects Manager Kerryn, our Projects/ Communications Officer Mikayla and our School-Industry Project Manager Rod ready for the Career Pathways in Health and Community Services Careers Expo

Passport 2 Employment (P2E) is a specialised 5–8 week program to prepare, support and assist students with a disability or multiple barriers for the transition into life after school.

The transition from school to adult life can present young people with a range of options, possibilities, decisions, and challenges.

P2E aims to prepare, support and assist students for this transition period by providing them with skills, information, work experience and knowledge about these options and about the challenges they may have to over come.


The first workshop was a “Meet and Greet” which involved introducing the students to the P2E program in a light and fun way, breaking down any barriers of engagement with they may have and ensuring they feel comfortable in the environment and within the group dynamics.


The second workshop focused on presentation skills, the art of handshaking, common non verbal mistakes made at interview, why people are not hired and self-advocacy.


The third workshop focused on exploring ways in which the students can lead a healthy lifestyle, with healthy eating and regular exercise as well as exploring ways in which the participants can lead a wealthy lifestyle with some activities to learn to manage their finances.


Workshop 4 involved P2E students investigating 8 different employability skills including communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative & enterprise, planning & organising, self-management, learning and technology.


MMLLEN partnered with Swan Hill Bus Lines (BusBIz) for Workshop 5 to assist students overcome the barrier of transport and help familiarise the students with agencies that can provide support and assistance to them in the future.


Students had the opportunity to visit local industry supporters Bethune Lane Dairy and Swan Build with the aim of developing an understanding and awareness of the inner workings of these organisations and assist students with their career planning.


At the graduation, students recapped what they had learnt with Kerryn over the last 6 weeks and received their Graduation Certificates; we would like to congratulate them all on their fantastic work and commitment throughout the P2E Program!

“Everyone was very supportive of this fantastic program; the lesson plans and guidelines were excellent and easy to adjust within the scope of skills of the students needs. The students became familiar with local industries and comfortable with faces linked to the workplace. Seeing the students gain confidence to enter the workplace and access transport was such a positive for me facilitating the program.”

— Kerryn Zanker (MMLLEN)

Murray Mallee LLEN would like to specially acknowledge Swan Hill Specialist School, WDEA Works, Swan Hill Bus Lines (BusBiz), Bethune Lane Dairy, Swan Build and Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum for their assistance in the facilitation of the Passport 2 Employment (P2E) Program.

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